Protecting Your Canine Companion

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Protecting Your Canine Companion

Eight years ago, a beautiful, black puppy showed up on my grandmother’s doorstep. After determining that the dog didn’t have a home, my grandmother allowed me to take her to my place. Over the last few years, this amazingly intelligent dog has become my constant companion. Because I want to keep my dog healthy, I schedule annual visits to the veterinarian’s office for her. I also strive to feed her a healthy diet. Until recently, I didn’t realize that certain human foods are extremely dangerous for dogs to consume. On this blog, you will discover the types of foods you should never feed to your furry friend.



Use Natural Products To Pamper Your Cat While Eliminating Fleas From Their Body

If your cat has an infestation of fleas on their body, you may find that they are scratching constantly and that patches of their fur are missing. Use natural products to pamper your cat while eliminating the fleas with the following steps. Once all of the fleas are gone, your pet's skin will begin to heal and your cat will be able to rest comfortably.

Materials You'll Need

  • raw oats
  • a pot
  • water
  • blender
  • mild dish detergent
  • shallow, plastic tub
  • cup
  • wash gloves
  • soft towel
  • pet comb and brush (soft and flexible)
  • detangler for infants or toddlers

Consult a veterinarian, like Belle River Animal Clinic, beforehand to make sure the detangler you choose is safe. If you aren't sure if an infant or toddler detangler is safe, many pet stores have shampoos designed specifically for cats and dogs. 

Prepare a Soothing Shampoo 

Prepare a small amount of oatmeal in a pot, using raw oats and boiling water. Wait for the oatmeal to cool off and place it in a blender. Turn the blender on high for a couple minutes until the oatmeal is smooth and creamy. Add additional water to the blender if you are having difficulty blending the oatmeal and if visible lumps are present.

Once the oatmeal is prepared, add a few drops of mild dish detergent to it and stir the two ingredients until they are blended. The oatmeal will soothe your pet's skin and help reduce redness and itchiness. The detergent will kill the fleas that are on your pet's body.

Apply The Shampoo And Rinse Your Pet's Skin And Fur

Add a couple centimeters of warm water to a shallow, plastic tub. Place your cat gently in the tub and talk soothingly to them so that they remain calm. Put a glove on each hand and apply a small amount of the homemade shampoo to your hands. Add the mixture to your pet's body, beginning with their neck. Avoid getting the shampoo in your pet's eyes, nose, or ears. Work the mixture into their fur and gently massage it into their their skin.

Wait a few minutes so that the mixture can soothe your pet's skin and kill the fleas. Rinse the shampoo from your pet's skin and fur with cups of warm water. Lift your cat out of the tub and wrap them securely in a soft towel. Pet their head and speak softly to them so that they do not get scared.

Comb And Brush Your Pet's Fur

Hold your cat on your lap and comb their fur, beginning with the parts of their body that are located closest to their head. Use a comb that is soft and flexible so that it doesn't hurt your pet. If any parts of their fur are knotted, add a few squirts of detangler that is designed for infants or toddlers to it. Gently pull the comb through each section of fur. Once all of the knots have been eliminated, use a soft-bristled pet brush on the same areas.

Once your pet's fur is dry, they will be content and will not be bothered by itchiness. After several days, your cat's skin will begin to look better and new fur will begin growing in the areas that were previously affected by fleas.