Protecting Your Canine Companion

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Protecting Your Canine Companion

Eight years ago, a beautiful, black puppy showed up on my grandmother’s doorstep. After determining that the dog didn’t have a home, my grandmother allowed me to take her to my place. Over the last few years, this amazingly intelligent dog has become my constant companion. Because I want to keep my dog healthy, I schedule annual visits to the veterinarian’s office for her. I also strive to feed her a healthy diet. Until recently, I didn’t realize that certain human foods are extremely dangerous for dogs to consume. On this blog, you will discover the types of foods you should never feed to your furry friend.



Tips For Keeping A Nervous Dog Calm For The Veterinarian

Like people and doctors, some dogs just don't like going to the veterinarian. The more nervous your dog is, the more problematic trips to the vet become. Nervousness can lead to behavior problems and can even impede your dog's ability to get care from the vet. Knowing how to calm down your dog can help make your trips to the veterinarian more productive and successful.

Make Sure Your Dog Gets Lots of Exercise Before Checkups

You don't want your dog to have pent up energy at the vet's office. The more energy your dog has when you arrive, the harder it can be for your dog to control his or her behavior. Before going to see the vet, take your dog on an extra long walk, go for a run, or play a long, hard game of fetch. Do something that will encourage your dog to expend energy. The more tired he or she is, the more lethargic and complacent your dog may be when meeting with the vet.

Give the Vet Treats to Give to Your Dog

Take some of your dog's favorite treats when you go to the veterinarian's office. Give the treats to the vet so your vet can give the treats to your dog. When your dog gets his or her favorite treats from the veterinarian, it will send a signal that the vet is a good person who means no harm. This may help soften some of your dog's feelings toward the vet while making your dog more cooperative.

Spend Time Developing a Relationship Between Your Pet and the Vet

Walk your dog up to the vet on a random weekend when there's nothing else to do. This will give your dog a chance to see the vet without a medical agenda. The vet may only have time to come out and see your dog for a few minutes, but this can still be helpful for strengthening your dog's relationship with the vet and helping your dog to relax in the presence of the vet.

Get Help from a Mobile Veterinarian

Some dogs get worked up over trips to the vet because they're uncomfortable in strange surroundings. Making an appointment with a mobile vet, like Medical Care by Mobile Veterinary Hospital, can alleviate this worry, because the appointments take place at your home instead. Make an appointment today with a mobile vet. Being close to the comforts of home may help your dog relax.