Protecting Your Canine Companion

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Protecting Your Canine Companion

Eight years ago, a beautiful, black puppy showed up on my grandmother’s doorstep. After determining that the dog didn’t have a home, my grandmother allowed me to take her to my place. Over the last few years, this amazingly intelligent dog has become my constant companion. Because I want to keep my dog healthy, I schedule annual visits to the veterinarian’s office for her. I also strive to feed her a healthy diet. Until recently, I didn’t realize that certain human foods are extremely dangerous for dogs to consume. On this blog, you will discover the types of foods you should never feed to your furry friend.



Use Natural Products To Pamper Your Cat While Eliminating Fleas From Their Body

If your cat has an infestation of fleas on their body, you may find that they are scratching constantly and that patches of their fur are missing. Use natural products to pamper your cat while eliminating the fleas with the following steps. Once all of the fleas are gone, your pet's skin will begin to heal and your cat will be able to rest comfortably. Materials You'll Need raw oats a pot water blender mild dish detergent shallow, plastic tub cup wash gloves soft towel pet comb and brush (soft and flexible) detangler for infants or toddlers Consult a veterinarian, like Belle River Animal Clinic, beforehand to make sure the detangler you choose is safe. Read More 

Keep Your Cat Safe From Bordetella

If you have a cat, you need to do everything you can to protect it from contracting feline Bordetella, which is a very contagious respiratory disease that your cat can get from being around other cats. Bordetella can weaken your cat's immune system and allow it to more easily catch other diseases. Bordetella can be detrimental for young cats and older cats, both which traditionally have weaker immune systems. Contracting Bordetella Read More 

Demystifying Your Dog’s Ability To Sense Veterinary Visits, And Ways To Remove Your Dog’s Anxiety

Does your dog seem to inherently know when you are taking her to the veterinarian's office? From the outside looking in, the vision of a dog hiding under the bed, refusing to get in the car, and bracing against the leash at the office entrance is comedic content worthy of television. For those who have ever struggled to take an unwilling dog to the vet, however, the struggle is ridiculously annoying. Read More 

Anal Glands: 2 Ways to Help Your Pat through an Uncomfortable Situation

Has your dog been licking his hind end a little more than usual? Perhaps it's been scooting around the yard like it's trying to soothe an itchy problem. Your dog may have an anal gland impaction that it's trying to take care of. Not sure what anal glands are? They're two glands – or sacs – that are located on each side of your dog's anus. The glands secrete a liquid that gives dog's anal openings and feces their individual odor. Read More